This blog entry is intended to be a discussion of implementing drag-and-drop with an eye towards accessibility. However, putting the examples into this blog has proved challenging. For the interim the article with examples is available via the following link: Accessible Drag-and-drop Musings.

Feel free to discuss the topic here, however.

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  1. dmelone says:

    Both of the examples in the article are missing one thing: the drag. I know it states that “drag” is entirely GUI and should not be referenced but I would disagree. Drag is an (inter)action, and while it is true that any interaction assumes that there are three things: an actor, activity, and a target…there is also a goal.

    Generalizing the verb can muddy down the intended goal of the action. Just having a “do it” action does not clue the user in to the intended purpose or result of the action. Dragging is at least directional and supposes a beginning and end state. Just look at how long the instructions are. “Accessible” still needs to be intuitive too.

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