Infusion Framework and Components

Good interfaces should be easy to use and easy to build. Infusion takes the pain out of developing accessible, high performance, clean and nimble front-ends for applications that want to do more. Our approach is to leave you in control - it's your interface, using your markup, your way.

Developed by an international group of software developers and interaction designers, Fluid Infusion combines JavaScript, CSS, HTML and user-centered design, rolling them all into a single package that sits on top of the popular jQuery toolkit. Infusion includes ready-to-use components as well as a framework to build your own.

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Infusion js Framework

Preferences Framework demo
Offers a reusable set of programming APIs and UI building blocks specific to the creation, persistence, and integration of preference editors into a variety of web-based applications, content management systems, and content delivery environments.
Renderer demo
Allows you to create user interface templates in pure HTML and render the pages entirely on the client side. It offers a clean separation of Model and View, working with internal Renderer Component Trees that are independent of the mark-up.
Keyboard Accessibility Plugin demo
Makes it easy for developers to add keyboard handlers to their code without a lot of extra overhead.

Infusion Components

User Interface Options demo
Allows users to transform the presentation of the user interface and content resources so that they are personalized to the individual user's needs.
Reorderer demo
Provides accessible "drag and drop" control of content on a page, including lists, grids and modules in a portal environment.
Inline Edit demo
Allows a user to do quick edits to simple text without having to switch modes or screens. All work is done on the same interface, which helps the user maintain context.
Pager demo
Allows users to break up long lists of items into separate pages. They may decide whether or not they want paging, and how many results are displayed per page.
Uploader demo
Allows users to upload files. The user can select desired files from their computer, view them in a queue, add or remove files to and from the queue, and upload them.
Progress demo
Provides a usable and accessible linear progress display for use on its own or with other Fluid components.