Off to a Running Start with UX Walkthroughs

The Fluid team is using UX (user experience) walkthroughs of target applications to identify "pain points" encountered by users.

As the primary goal of Fluid is to improve the user’s experience, we plan to apply recognized and formally constituted methods to identify problems and prioritize improvements. With this in mind, at the very beginning of the project, we started defining and documenting a step-by-step UX walkthrough process – a combination of usability and accessibility heuristic evaluations with cognitive walkthroughs – and are now putting this into practice with Sakai and uPortal as our first subjects.

We welcome volunteers! If you are interested in helping, you can:

  • Join the Sakai, Moodle, or uPortal working groups and help out with the walkthroughs themselves.

  • Improve the UX Walkthrough area of our wiki as it is in need of organization and consolidation. If you’ve got time for some quick editing and re-organization, please feel free!

  • Share your accessibility expertise and advice with the working groups.

For more information on UX Walkthroughs, please see the UX Walkthrough area on our wiki.