uCamp - Where Designers and Developers meet

Designers and developers will be meeting to share expertise and collaborate on solutions at the uCamp session at the Spring 2008 JA-SIG Conference in Saint Paul Minnesota during the last week of April. The uCamp is the final event of the four-day conference, which brings together managers and technologists from nine different higher education community source initiatives.

While the focus of this uCamp is the Kuali Student project, we expect that the presentations and exercises will be of value to representatives from all of the participating projects. A presentation on the Processes for Creating Personas is planned, along with a discussion of the role and evolution of use cases in the creation of user-centric solutions – both of interest to today’s software developers.  And of course there will be lightning talks addressing a wide range of subject matter.

These days the “user centric” aspect of so many development efforts presents a whole new set of challenges to the code-writing developer. What are the techniques, the pitfalls, the gotcha’s and the guidelines? Who are the experts, what are the principles, what is the body of knowledge, and how can they help the developer? All these topics are subject matter for a uCamp – a place where code developers and human interaction designers get together and work together: to learn, to solve problems, and to achieve common understanding.

At a uCamp you can learn:

  • How research-based personas can provide a solid and reliable foundation for crafting user interfaces.
  • How well-established design patterns can be employed in local solutions.
  • How to achieve accessibility and usability through standard approaches and techniques.
  • How coders and designers can bring their skills together to produce the finest quality experiences for their users.

At a uCamp you can contribute:

  • By giving a lightning talk on the user experience issue that concerns you most.

At a uCamp you can participate:

  • In a design exercise that deepens your understanding of the designer’s profession.
  • In a workshop to create a design or solve a problem.

Readers who have suggestions for the uCamp or are just interested in what is being planned are invited to visit the JA-SIG uCamp planning page.