Fluid Infusion v0.5 released!

The Fluid Project is pleased to announce the final release of Fluid Infusion 0.5, featuring performance improvements, consolidated APIs, and a new Undo feature in Inline Edit.

Download Fluid Infusion

What's New in This Release

New features of this release include:

  • Our APIs have changed: We are consolidating the "look and feel" of the component APIs
  • Huge improvements to the Reorderer, including speed and consistency
  • New Inline Edit feature: Undo
  • Many bug fixes

What is Fluid Infusion

Fluid Infusion is a collection of rich, reusable, accessible user interface components built for the Web. These components have been designed by a cross-disciplinary team and thoroughly tested for usability and accessibility. By incorporating Fluid components into your web application's user interface, you will make your application easier to use by more people. Easier to use means happier users.