Fluid Project updates Feb/March

Fluid Engage is about to release a beta 0.3 Mobile App that will be implemented in the McCord Museum of Canadian History mid-February.

CollectionSpace just released 0.4 on January 21st. The team is busy working on the 0.5 release.

Decapod is working toward its first, much anticipated release, scheduled for end of March.

Fluid is participating in the JASIG: Ten Years of Open Source Innovation conference in March.

and much more...

Check out Fluid Engage's 0.3 mobile application: My Collection

You can see Fluid Engage's latest mobile work on our nightly build site. This site is the most up-to-date code we've written. View the page in a Safari web browser or from a mobile phone browser.

It's cutting edge development, so some of the features won't be visible until we closer to the February 15th implementation of the application at the McCord Museum of Canadian History.

The McCord Museum will be using a kit of iPod touches from Apple Computer to test, evaluate, and conduct user tests on Fluid Engage 0.3 My Collection. The applications will allow the museum visitors to do the following:

  • choose whether content will appear in French or English
  • browse featured and permanent exhibitions
  • type in an object code and see particular artifacts' pages
  • collect artifacts into a personalized "My Collection"
  • email themselves their "My Collection"

Want to keep up with CollectionSpace?

The CollectionSpace team just released 0.4 on January 21st. The team is busy working on the 0.5 release. Come check out the latest in development and design and give CollectionSpace a test drive in our online demo.

Decapod's first release coming end of March

The Decapod team is exciting to be planning and working on what will be the first project release. To keep up to date on Decapod work and announcements, join the mailing list from our website.

Where can I see the Fluid Team?

Fluid team members are presenting and giving a number of workshops at the JASIG annual conference in San Diego in March.

A number of Fluid team members will also be presenting at Museums and the Web in April. Come hear about Open Source development projects by and for museums.